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The StrataCell structural loadbearing module occupies only 5.5% space.

StrataCell load-bearing module

The patented StrataCell is a structural load-bearing module designed to withstand extreme pavement and traffic load standards as well as offering over 94% void space. From many aspects, this is a major achievement and has opened up many opportunities for the green building industry. This product excels in establishing healthy trees in urban areas, and water harvesting and storage.

With the StrataCell’s skeletal-like structure only occupying 5.5% space, this unique module is ideal for supporting pavements and roads, therefore providing an uncompacted, quality area for tree roots to explore and occupy. This concept replicates the natural forest ecosystem and eliminates traditional issues often facing urban trees: cramped space, and poor quality soil and drainage conditions.

The StrataCell modular system provides a sustainable solution to stream erosion, siltation and turbidity issues, by filtering, collecting and managing water at the source point.