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Supaslat Maxi has been used in the foyer of this sports headquarters.

Supaslat Maxi beams by Supawood

Supawood’s Supaslat Maxi lightweight decorative beams create a stunning ceiling and wall feature in the foyer of this New South Wales sports headquarters.

Supaslat Maxi beams weigh less than two kilograms per lineal metre, enabling the designers of this foyer to cleverly suspend the beams overhead to create a curved floating ceiling into which the lighting is integrated. The beams continue down the wall, providing a screen for the stairs and a backdrop to the reception seating area.

The curved edge of the ceiling beams is mirrored by the carpet edge below to define the area, while the warm timber finish of Supaslat Maxi blends with the rest of the floor. The ceiling beams extend past the reception desk and into the building beyond.