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The Duolix Max is a dual-flow system incorporating a high-performance heat exchanger.

Duolix Max ventilation by Atlantic

Design and manufactured in Europe, Atlantic’s new home ventilation systems provide continuous air exchange with heat recovery.

The maxim is “build tight, vent right.” Atlantic’s system extracts stale, moisture-laden air from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens and replaces it with warm, dry, filtered air ducted into bedrooms and living areas.

The Duolix Max is designed for the new build. This dual-flow system incorporates a high-performance heat exchanger, providing up to 91.5% heat recovery. The Duolix is the perfect retrofit ventilation system providing up to 65% heat recovery.

Both systems offer quiet operation, hygienic air filtration, reduction in humidity and condensation, easy maintenance and remote control. A Geothermal kit is also available for the Duolix Max as an optional feature.