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Harn Triomax drawers and OrganisePlus

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home and the installation of drawers is increasingly being requested in today’s kitchens. Triomax drawers can be used with the OrganisePlus range to ensure a practical and functional kitchen.

With Harn’s Triomax Larder units, consumables and perishables have ample space and can be well-organized. They can also be accessed from the front and the sides of the drawer.

Cutlery and utensils can be neatly organized in the hygienic stainless steel dishwasher-safe cutlery trays and dividers, while crockery can be arranged accordingly with cross divider panels and lateral dividers.

Also included in the range is the option of a sink pullout unit, which is an efficient way to make use of storage space. The Triomax full extension design allows for a full view of cooking utensils and easy access when cooking and preparing meals.