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Havwoods Oak Nature Herringbone flooring.

Havwoods Herringbone in Oak Crystal.

Herringbone flooring by Havwoods

One of the most interesting new trends in flooring is a contemporary twist on classic parquet patterns obtained by using oversized blocks.

The full range of parquet patterns – herringbone, diagonal and double herringbone, basket weave and tumbling dice – can only be achieved with blocks with a length that is an exact multiple of the width. At 600 mm × 120 mm, Havwoods Herringbone fulfils this criteria but it’s also almost double the usual sizing, giving a completely new look to a traditional floor.

Havwoods Herringbone blocks are of engineered construction, which means that they are more dimensionally stable and climate proof than solid blocks, while a four millimetre wear layer of oak allows ample opportunity for re-sanding when required.

The blocks are GECA certified, which means that they’re eligible for Green Star points. They are available unfinished in natural oak for staining on site, or brushed and matt lacquered for easy installation with no surprises.