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The Landscape range of carpet tiles is available in five different textures, patterns and weaves.

Landscape carpet by Geo Flooring

Inspired by photographer Edward Burtynsky’s photos of the natural world, woven textiles and flooring designer Suzanne Tick created Landscape.

Delivering a modern narrative of the changing commercial landscape, Landscape offers a fresh perspective of the changing dynamic of the floor plane, representative of the custom inlay and one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

Each installation is instinctively unique, adaptive and specifically suited to a space and its furnishings. Five different textures, lustres, patterns and weaves, all within four separate and distinct 50 cm carpet tiles, are packaged and designed as one to be reconfigured, forming a single flexible, modular substrate. Eight very tailored, neutral colours incorporate a wide range of greys and saturated earth shades.