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The Odysseo 2 hot water system is designed for indoor applications and produces hot water quietly.

Odysseo 2 by Atlantic Australasia

Atlantic’s Odysseo 2 is a 270L heat pump hot water system engineered and manufactured in Europe.

The Odysseo 2 reduces electricity consumption by up to 75% (European Standard EN 255-3) and has a COP of 3.8. The hot water system is easy to install and is designed specifically for indoor applications.

The Odysseo 2 produces hot water quietly, allowing users to install it in a garage, laundry or cupboard without producing annoying noise. The system is available with optional ducting up to seven metres.

The Odysseo 2 is also perfect for the replacement market and incorporates leading electronic anti-corrosion technology. The system can be transported on its side, providing significant health and safety benefits.