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Stylid boasts a high-quality accent light and is ideal for almost any application.

Stylid LED luminaries by Philips Lighting

Stylid is an LED luminaire concept featuring the latest design, optical systems and innovative LED technology. It offers substantial energy savings compared to halogen and metal halide lamps. Stylid boasts a highquality accent light, free of UV or infrared rays, making it ideal for almost any application.

There are over 400 combinations of lumen package, beam angle, trim colour and mounting configurations. The Stylid LED luminaries offer complete stylistic freedom, while being energy efficient and affordable.

Stylid produces quality light comparable to ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamps and offer significant maintenance savings. Stylid is one of the first range of LED luminaires to cover all accent lighting applications, while it also allows users to rationalize and simplify the indoor LED portfolio.