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Wolf Burner Range-tops by Multyflex

The new Wolf Sealed Burner Range-tops offer the choice of 914 mm and 1216 mm and multiple cook-top configurations. Customers can choose the number of sealed burners and mix and match with an infrared Teppan-Yaki, Chargrill or the ultimate flexibility of a French Top.

Wolf’s patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners deliver precise control. The upper-tier burner delivers maximum heat transfer at higher settings, while the lower-tier flame is available for precision simmering and melting. Wolf offers the lowest True Simmer on the market at 0.36 mj – ideal for melting and simmering slow cooked food for hours. By contrast, on high setting, another set of burners can deliver a ferocious 18 mj making it perfect for searing.