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Wolfin Universal Pins by Projex

Projex Group has introduced the Wolfin Universal Pins to the Australian waterproofing market.

Wolfin Universal Pins are the solution for fastening items directly to the Wolfin membrane without piercing the membrane itself.

The pin has an 80 mm diameter base plate, which is made of Wolfin membrane (with a protruding 25 mm vertical threaded bar and locking nuts) and can be welded directly to any Wolfin membrane system.

The Wolfin Universal Pins can be used to secure ballast retainer angles, lightning rods, television aerial lines, cables or a variety of other accessories.

“For builders, owners and applicators, this solution is simpler and quicker to install. It does not rely on any sealants and will never compromise the overall integrity of the Wolfin membrane system,” says Project Group director Jim Kornmehl.