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One of the original colours in the range, Riverbed.

New organic colours include (from left) Grey Moss, Forest Snow, Red Pine and Creamstone.

Eco series from Cosentino Australia

Cosentino Group, a leader in the development, production and distribution of quartz and other natural stone surfaces, has launched four new colours in its Eco series: Grey Moss, Creamstone, Red Pine and Forest Snow.

Characterized by their depth and elegance, the new colours from Eco by Cosentino provide an organic, fresh look for any room, with their blended, graceful tones. From the terracotta tones of Red Pine, to the white and brown flecked accents of Forest Snow, these new colours are a great choice to help give character and tonality to any kitchen or bathroom. Red Pine is available solely in the new Suede finish, with the remaining three colours available in a polished finish.

Eco by Cosentino is composed of 75% recycled materials such as mirrors salvaged from houses and buildings, glass from windows and bottles, as well as porcelain from china, tiles and sinks. The result is a durable, hygienic, high-performance surface against straining, scratching and scorching.

Chosen by the end consumer in a social media competition, the new colours of Eco provide an eco-friendly choice and Eco is the ultimate integration of design and the environment.