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Norament 926 satura rubber floor covering is available in 32 colours.

Norament 926 satura by Geo Flooring

Nothing helps create a room’s atmosphere as much as its colours. Colours awaken emotions, create or intensify moods, stimulate or have a calming effect. With its high degree of colour saturation, the new norament 926 satura rubber floor covering from nora systems helps planners to realize individual room concepts.

Norament 926 satura is available in a range of 32 colours. The 16 neutral architectural colours range from a warm beige through to cool shades of grey. They harmoniously fit into the room and enter into a timelessly elegant and unobtrusive union with other building elements, like the wall or ceiling. The 16 chromatic accentuating colours have been conceived as colour pairs and thus offer inspiration for vibrant, colour-oriented interior design.

Norament 926 satura is available in Australia exclusively from Geo Flooring.