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Alloy’s 76 mm x 152 mm Subway tiles in copper make a striking statement.

Subway tiles from Alloy

Australian metal tile designer and manufacturer Alloy has introduced the metal Subway tile, bringing a sleek, industrial sensibility to the early twentieth-century icon.

Subway tiles have a long history in public places and are now popular in contemporary bars and restaurants for their ability to evoke big-city, turn-of-the-century charm. Alloy brings the Subway tile squarely into the twenty-first century in a striking array of solid metal finishes.

Immaculately designed with a finely rounded edge and crafted from a single sheet of the highest quality 1.6-mm thick metal to create an unsurpassed finish, the Subway tile is available in all of Alloy’s high-quality metals and finishes including copper, stainless steel, raw steel, brass and titanium.