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Wolfin Membrane System from Projex Group

The Wolfin Membrane System was recently specified by the engineering design teams at RailCorp and Leighton Holdings to solve a waterproofing problem in RailCorp’s Sydney freight rail infrastructure.

As part of this project, Andersal Engineering installed the Wolfin Membrane System for Leighton into the culvert at Coxs Creek, Strathfield. The culvert sits directly in the soft, wet earth of the creek bed and its entire surface area is exposed to moisture. Encasing the culvert’s reinforcing steelwork in concrete wasn’t possible due to the construction process. An alternative solution was needed to provide sufficient water protection to prevent moisture from the damp earth seeping into the concrete and penetrating the steelwork, leading to rusting, spalling and structural problems.

To provide a reliable, long-term waterproofing solution, and necessary protection to the steelwork, Andersal Engineering (Licensed Wolfin Applicators) installed two systems from Projex Group (Wolfin and Cosmofin Membranes) to the underside of the slab.