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Benchmark Kreate.

Benchmark Kreate.

Benchmark Kreate offers an extensive array of colours, panel lengths, widths, core thicknesses, cassette sizes and arrangements.

Benchmark Kreate by Kingspan

A unique integrated facade system that offers architects greater design freedom

Benchmark Kreate integrated facade system by Kingspan combines seamless aluminium cassette facades with insulated panel technology, delivering a single component that offers almost limitless design capability. It also allows a fast build time, single-fix installation and thermal continuity.

Benchmark Kreate offers a world of benefits compared to traditional rainscreen systems. The seamless cassettes of Benchmark Kreate are cleverly integrated into each insulated panel, making it a unique one-component metallic facade system.

With the ability to specify the colour, size and configuration of each cassette with rounded corners, Benchmark Kreate offers new ways to achieve design visions. This paves the way for creative multicoloured, multi-textured facades to brighten up offices,
customize commercial buildings or add a splash of inspiration to schools and hospitals.

Along with design flexibility, Benchmark Kreate offers all the advantages of an insulated panel system, which include ease and speed of build, and exceptional lifetime performance for durability, fire prevention, sustainability, thermal integrity and thermal insulation. 

Unlike the angular corners found on traditional cassettes, Benchmark Kreate cassettes have been engineered with rounded corners. They provide a smooth, contoured finish and give each facade a fresh and contemporary appearance. In addition to this, the joints between each panel are fitted with a factory-applied seal to ensure an airtight fit with leakage of less than 5 m³/hr/m².

Traditional building envelope products feature multiple components, which take a long time to install and have multiple potential points of failure. Benchmark Kreate is a single-component, in-built factory-assembled quality panel that is supplied and delivered by just one company. It can be quickly and easily installed with the aid of mechanical lifting equipment in one step, meaning buildings are weather-tight sooner and overall project times are significantly reduced. There is also a reduced risk of accidents, as less time is spent working at height.

Benchmark Kreate is a safe and aesthetically flexible product that offers high performance standards. Depending on individual specification, it can achieve R-values as high as 7.65 mK/W, while the product itself is ECOsafe with a polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core that contains no CFCs or HCFCs.