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Eco-Facade by Paarhammer.

Eco-Facade by Paarhammer

Winner: Selector Best New Product Award 2014, announced at DesignBUILD.

Eco-Facade is an energy-efficient glazing system that is simple to assemble on site and can have openable windows and doors (double- or triple-glazed), fixed glass or solid panels inserted. It is built to client specifications and combines timber (internal) and aluminium (external) frames. It has a high wind loading and can help reduce a building’s energy consumption.

The jury said the system was a stand-out product in this year’s Selector Best New Product Award, describing it as a “highly resolved and desirable glazing system.” They were impressed with the system’s “unique concealed frame connections [that] allow for fast on-site assembly,” and also commended Paarhammer’s “proactive sustainable practices.”