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Bellbowrie Swimming Pool uses Modern Living bricks in Nutmeg and Alpine bricks in Crevole.

Modern Living bricks from CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers

The Modern Living collection of bricks from CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers features a refreshing modern colour palette, smooth textures and sharp lines. The range includes Porcelain, Cashmere, Basswood Mottle, Flame, Smoke, Concord and Nutmeg. Modern Living bricks are a popular choice for architects and designers, as they provide building projects with a strong, clean aesthetic. 

Contrasting colours and textures were used in the award-winning Bellbowrie Swimming Pool in Queensland, designed by Bureau Proberts. The design features an expressed flower motif and large free-form gum flowers using Modern Living Nutmeg and Crevole from the Alpine collection.