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Unique designs can be created with Trend’s Quantum architectural series.

A variety of finishing options provide design flexibility.

Single- and double-glazing options can meet challenging specifications.

Quantum architectural windows and doors by Trend

The next generation of innovative aluminium window and door system designs

The architectural features of a facade, especially window and door systems, are essential elements of any project. It is important to choose facade elements that complement the overall project design. 

Trend’s Quantum® architectural series – the next generation of innovative aluminium window and door system designs – meets this challenge. The Quantum® series offers a contemporary choice of windows and doors that feature modern, clean lines and semi-commercial profiles in varying shapes and sizes. 

Quantum® architectural window and door systems allow for large panels of glass and unobstructed views, providing the freedom to create space, open up entertaining areas, and allow ventilation, luminosity and natural light to make a powerful statement in architectural design.

Unique architectural designs can be achieved by integrating Quantum® aluminium windows or doors into Trend’s Crestlite® commercial framing systems.

With the increasing importance of energy efficiency, Trend’s product range offers low u-Values and solar heat gain solutions in both single- and double-glazed windows and doors, helping to meet the most challenging residential or commercial specifications.

For those looking to combat extremes of noise, Trend can offer acoustic solutions that help achieve high STC or Rw ratings. When considering bushfire-prone projects, Trend® offers up to BAL-40 solutions that are fully compliant to AS1530.8.1 within AS3959-2009 of the bushfire code.

As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of aluminium, timber, bushfire and energy-efficient windows and doors with a comprehensive range of products, Trend® is uniquely positioned to offer solutions for a variety of projects. Whether it is a high-rise residential, architectural or commercial development, Trend® Windows & Doors has a solution.

Trend® Windows & Doors is an Australian owned and operated company that adheres to standards outlined in the BCA and standards set by AS2047 and AS1288. Trend® Quantum architectural series’ extensive product range will inspire architects and designers to help create an ideal solution for any project.