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The Colour Galaxy allows exploration of the impact of different lighting conditions on Taubmans colours.

Taubmans Colour Galaxy online colour tool

Architects and designers can now use Taubmans Colour Galaxy online tools to explore colour in a new way. The Light Effects tool can be used to show the impact of different lighting conditions – such as sunrise, sunset, midday, overcast, halogen, LED or fluorescent lighting – on a chosen Taubmans colour.

The Taubmans Colour Palette icon explores the relationship between colours, showing monochromatic, complementary, triad and analogous colour combinations. The Taubmans Colour Details icon gives details by name, code, HEX, RGB or LRV value and shows the availability of the chosen colour in Taubmans Endure range of interior and exterior paints.

These three options can be used in conjunction with a further five ways of exploring colour: through a colour wheel, a scrolling colour wall, an uploaded image, a search function and through a 3D colour galaxy that can be navigated to find or match a colour from over 5,762 Taubmans colours.