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The Royal North Shore Hospital, Clinical Services Building by Building Studios and Woods Bagot features BENCHMARK Evolution Axis from the BENCHMARK Design Wall Series.

Wirtgen Australia in Perth features Kingspan insulated Trapezoidal roof panels (KS1000 RW) with integrated Kingspan Insulated Gutter.

Kingspan’s insulated panel envelope systems are a clever route to carbon-neutral buildings.

High-performance building envelope systems

Kingspan’s insulated panel envelope systems are a clever route to carbon-neutral buildings.

In the drive to save energy, cut running costs and reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, building envelopes are a focal point. The building envelope is the critical separator between the interior and exterior environment, a particular challenge in Australia given the extreme weather demands.

According to Kingspan, a global leader in the design, development and delivery of advanced building envelope products and systems, a high-performing building envelope is the most important element in creating a carbon-neutral building. A US Department of Energy report in 2008 backs this up:

“The building envelope is critical for reducing building energy loads. It is the starting point for energy-efficient buildings and the main determinant of the amount of energy required to heat, cool and ventilate.”

But what is a high-performing building envelope? According to Kingspan, this means that the components of the building envelope – including the roof, ceilings, exterior walls, windows and doors – are designed, integrated and insulated to minimize the transfer of thermal energy, which in turn creates an energy-efficient, airtight building.

Today, companies like Kingspan – which offers a leading range of innovative thermally insulated building products and systems – are on a mission. They are spearheading the drive to make buildings more energy efficient and less costly to run, and to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of new buildings. 

Kingspan takes a holistic, all-of-building approach, offering insulated building products and systems for the building envelope that can help to achieve net zero or carbon-neutral energy consumption. The systems offer an “all-in-one” package comprising thermal performance, enhanced fire engineering, life-cycle durability and other environmental benefits to deliver affordable and sustainable energy-saving solutions.

Products offered by Kingspan include insulated wall and roof panels, insulated guttering, roof and wall lights for daylight and solar solutions, and precision-designed facade and exterior walling systems that integrate seamlessly with each other.

Kingspan’s experience includes decades of manufacturing and innovation. The company can assist architects, designers and specifiers with ideas, technical help and the correct specifications.

In the quest to create energy-saving buildings, Kingspan believes the solution starts with a high-performing, well-designed building envelope. If correctly integrated with the right products and systems, it is the critical first stage in achieving a carbon-neutral building.