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LEDlux Infinity downlights from Beacon Lighting

The LEDlux Infinity Mini downlight features Beacon Lighting Commercial’s outstanding colour-shifting technology, which allows the user to switch between 3000 k, 4000 k and 5000 k warm and cool white light with a flick of a switch.

Having the flexibility to switch between levels and temperatures of light lets the user control the mood and feel of a room at any given time. They can switch between warm white light, which creates a cosy relaxed atmosphere, and cool white light, which
is perfect when brighter light is needed for tasks such as cooking and studying. The downlights are also equipped with a memory, giving them the ability to remember the last colour used.

Colour shifting technology is also available on the LEDlux Lustre Flush Mount and the Fanaway Evo 1 Prevail LED retractable blade fan.