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Adbri Masonry offers permeable pavers in a variety of colour tones.

Permeable pavers by Adbri Masonry

In urban areas, pavements are a major generator of stormwater run-off, which can lead to flow-on water management problems such as downstream flooding and waterway pollution. Permeable pavements are a sustainable solution for these common water-sensitive urban design challenges. Adbri Masonry has created two permeable pavers that are available in a variety of complementary colour tones.

The Eco-Trihex permeable paver features a non-directional aesthetic and is available in a shot-blast, honed or smooth surface texture. Adbri’s Ecopave permeable paver has a traditional brick-shaped appearance and is easy to handle, ideal for use in residential driveways or commercial streetscapes and car parks.

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