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The Viega Style 12 Black Glass Push Plate is sleek, reliable and compact.

Flush plates and cisterns from Viega

The Viega Style 12 Black Glass Push Plate and Mono Slim Inwall Cistern introduce German ingenuity into the modern bathroom. Designed with clean, unobtrusive lines and made from high-quality tempered glass, the award-winning Style 12 Push Plate has the flexibility of being perfectly flush-mounted with a tiled surface (additional parts required).

Hidden behind the push (flush) plate is the precision-engineered Mono Slim Inwall Cistern. The compact, 80-mm Mono Slim functions using Bowden wire technology for a smoother, more reliable operation and includes a completely pre-assembled water inlet and one-piece outlet valve. The Mono Slim fits within a 90-mm wall cavity and provides front access to the cistern for servicing.