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IronAsh from Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

Beautiful, strong and unique, the new IronAsh from Australian Sustainable Hardwoods perfectly answers your exterior timber needs too.

This is the biggest news to hit the Australian timber industry in years. Using innovative technology now you can specify Victorian Ash throughout a home and outside too – seamlessly integrating the much-appreciated beauty of this gorgeous product inside and out – instead of having to specify dense, heavy species externally. It's all thanks to our unique TruCore treatment that gets deep into the core of the wood. We call this IronAsh.

This is much more than a mere surface treatment. IronAsh is transformed so dramatically that it now comes with a 25 year durability guarantee. You will harvest a huge time, cost and labour saving when you specify the most affordable Australian hardwood fit for external use, easily stained or painted, and durable to H3 classification.