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Birubi Point Surf Life Saving Club in NSW features shutters from Blockout Shutters. Architect: EJE Architecture.

Versatile shutters from Blockout Shutters

New building developments, like the Birubi Point Surf Life Saving Club in NSW, inspire versatile architectural applications of Blockout Shutters. Shutters can be integrated with aluminium, steel, timber or other cladding on facades, roofs and angled windows. The Blockout Shutter range complements most materials, and custom colours are available.

Blockout Shutters are ideal for use on projects such as isolated rural areas where security is paramount, areas where bushfires may occur, beachfront areas where privacy is needed, suburban areas where security and noise insulation are important, and industrial areas where shutter strength is of prime importance. Blockout Shutters are versatile, efficient and stylish.