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Cemintel Surround Blackish House. Cemintel Surround is a high-performance panel facade system designed for premium internal and external use.

Cemintel Surround Greyish House.

Cemintel Surround ‘Blackish’ in the five different finishes.

Some of the colours in the Cemintel Surround Secondary Palette.

Cemintel Surround colour-bodied panels

Responding to the ever-changing world of prefinished cladding materials

New materials influence the way buildings are designed and Cemintel has responded to the growing importance of external and internal cladding with a new prefinished, colour-bodied range – Surround.

Surround responds to the preference for high-performance, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment in which we live.

The development of this range heralded a new working methodology based on openness and collaboration. This is a common goal between Cemintel and its Melbourne-based design collaboration partner, Kathy Demos from Supermaquette.

In collaborative workshops that included a cross-section of Cemintel personnel, artists and designers, major themes were identified that propelled Surround into new areas of design, materialization and market presence.

“Creating Surround has been an exciting time for Cemintel, and I believe we have delivered a truly simple and sophisticated range for our design community and their clients. It provides the opportunity for progressive building design,” says Kim Roughan, National Marketing Manager for Cemintel.

The innovation that see it reach this level include the refinement of colour – through technology. Surround panels retain their colour brilliance over time, in keeping with the enduring nature of buildings.

The surface textures of the panels enable “pattern play” – the opportunity for designers to choreograph the way facades reflect light. The textures allow people to engage with buildings through touch as well as sight.

Surround offers the prospect of co-creating, opening up ideas for new applications and the continued evolution of products relevant to our times.

Introducing “ish”

The core Surround palette is a range of highly useable neutral tones and discreet patterns that reference Australian landscapes and streetscapes, allowing designers to create spaces for their clients that merge seamlessly with the setting.

Cemintel describes them as “ish” – ‘Blueish,’ ‘Greyish,’ ‘Blackish,’ ‘Greenish,’ ‘Whiteish.’ The five colours are available in five textures, from light to dark, and warm and cool. 

With a mixture of textures and effects including smooth, metallic and marl, and patterns including a soft leather-look and a traced line appearance, the Surround range has been developed for use as either a standalone colour or a combination of colours and finishes.

Adding to the core range is a highlight palette that offers a range of distinct colours. This is coded to simplify colour matching and to make the science of colour accessible to all.

The panels come trimmed and sealed in a 1,200 mm × 3,000 mm × 8 mm size. Colour-matched rivets are also available for a seamless aesthetic finish.