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An office featuring Infused luxury vinyl planks in the Broad Street pattern option.

The Infused collection is offered in a range of colours across five inspired patterns that can be used individually or in any combination.

Award-winning Infused LVT from GEO Flooring

Winner of a 2016 Best of NeoCon Silver award and a 2016 HiP Award, the Infused luxury vinyl tile and plank collection by Mannington Commercial and One Global Design offers a mosaic of five sophisticated graphics in ten colourways. Guided by the concept that “more is more,” this colourful line is a love letter inspired by five city cultures and connected through line quality and shared colourways. A combination of brights and neutrals is infused with the bold and playful spirit of the vibrant cultures that inspired them.

Infused captures the spirit of the Americas from Atlanta to Chicago, Mexico City, New York and Philadelphia. The five patterns – Bordado, Broad Street, Birds Eye, Hustle and Scratch That – may be used individually or in any combination to craft diverse spaces. 

The Infused collection was created to be mixed and remixed, so that it matches the vision of any designer. Strong enough to stand alone, the colours and designs can also be combined to make a bold statement for feature areas, or in tonal and sophisticated ways for quieter spaces.

While applicable to any market segment, the Infused collection is especially well suited to retail, hospitality and corporate spaces.