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The facade of the Northside Group St Leonards Clinic in New South Wales by Silver Thomas Hanley features Cemintel Surround panels in ‘Blackish.’ Photography: Tyrone Branigan.

Cemintel Surround panels in ‘Whiteish’ were specified as part of the $135 million Casey Hospital Expansion project in Melbourne’s east by Silver Thomas Hanley. Photography: Tradie Marketing.

Cemintel Surround panels in ‘Whiteish’ at Silver Thomas Hanley's Casey Hospital Expansion project in Melbourne. Photography: Tradie Marketing.

Surround ‘Blackish’ is offered in a selection of five smooth and textured finishes (left to right): String, Leather, Metal, Marl and Base.

Surround facade panels by Cemintel

New materials influence the way buildings are designed and architects and building designers are always on the lookout for innovative and progressive thinking when it comes to building materials.

Cemintel has taken the initiative with its Surround range. Surround responds to the growing importance of external and internal cladding and a preference for high-performance, lightweight and low-maintenance materials that add to a building’s ability to enhance the built environment.

Surround is a reinterpretation of cladding as it exists now; it is a systematic way of looking at cladding, whereby each of the five different panel textures has five colour bases. With this range of expertly curated neutral colours and discrete textured patterns, plus a secondary palette of colours designed to complement the core range of neutrals, Surround gives architects and designers the flexibility to create exceptional building facades.

The Surround range is prefinished with a colour-through body. The panels come trimmed and sealed and can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation. The prefinished coating is highly effective in repelling water and offers superior resistance to weather and environmental factors such as pollution and microclimatic conditions.

Incredibly versatile and efficient to install, Surround’s end-to-end system delivers design impact, whether for new construction or re-cladding projects. Architects and building designers can now bring any design to life with Cemintel Surround, allowing them to create truly original and outstanding building facades.

Designed to complement the core range of Surround’s neutral colours, the Cemintel Surround secondary palette has been refreshed to meet changing colour trends.