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Stoddart’s hand sanitizer dispensers and stands are suitable for commercial applications.

Hand sanitizer stands and dispensers by Stoddart

Stoddart’s hand sanitizer dispensers are suitable for all business locations where people want to practice safe hygiene. Primarily made of stainless steel, these units are hard-wearing and easy to keep clean with appropriate antibacterial cleaners.

The hand sanitizer stand has an anti-tip design that includes a drip tray and accommodates various dispenser options, including the standard and high-security dispensers manufactured by Stoddart. Both the standard and high-security dispensers feature a refillable container with a one-litre capacity. These theft- and vandal-resistant units can be wall mounted or stand mounted and also feature lockable cabinets and shrouds for after-hours security to suit every installation environment.

These products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia and are available for order.