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Part of Knauf’s K-Spec online resource, System Maker allows users to modify existing Knauf wall and ceiling systems or create something entirely new to meet the requirements of challenging or unusual projects.

System Maker online tool by Knauf

The team at Knauf understands that its clients’ projects are as unique as they are and that they sometimes need a tailor-made wall and ceiling system solution for an unusual challenge. That’s why Knauf created the Knauf System Maker – a handy feature of the K-Spec tool.

Knauf’s K-Spec is a trusted online resource that makes it easy to specify wall and ceiling systems. K-Spec has been developed in-house by a team of technical specialists and provides access to two features: System Selector and System Maker.

System Selector is a user-friendly selection tool that allows industry professionals to choose the right Knauf system for their project with the click of a button. There are more than 900,000 existing systems on the books, and if System Selector cannot offer a project specific solution, System Maker is there to create one.

System Maker provides the freedom to create custom systems, and to modify an existing Knauf system according to project requirements.

K-Spec’s System Maker is available online, free of charge, and does not require any software installation.