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Venetian blinds by Vertilux

Double-glazed venetian blind system

The Vertilux double-glazed venetian blind system is the preferred shading and privacy system for double-glazed surfaces. Also known as interstitial venetians, they add a high level of privacy management and trouble-free operation for residents with special needs or in mental health facilities.

Fully enclosing the blind system within the double-glazed insulated glass unit removes the day-to-day contact with dust and airborne pathogens, significantly contributing to general cleanliness that minimizes the risk of transmission of infectious agents. Additionally, our interstitial venetians are fabricated to enable flexible customization and control that adds an extra level in protecting you from unwanted heat and glare while eliminating the dangers associated with cords.

  • Increased hygiene protection
  • Anti-ligature solution
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Energy-efficient blinds
  • Flexible design customization
  • Smart control options

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