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Gerard Roofs products excel in extreme climates.

The textured roof finishes are made of natural stone chips that resist discolouration.

Each roof is made up of individual pressed panels installed using a unique fixing system.

Gerard Roofs: Good looks with a heart of steel

Pressed steel roofing panel systems with textured or smooth finishes – now available in Australia

Proven around the world for over 60 years, Gerard pressed steel roofs are now available in Australia. Popular for their stylish looks, with designs ranging from classic to modern, a Gerard roof can enhance any home.

Withstands the test of time

For decades, Gerard roofs have been widely acclaimed for their robust quality, innovative design and wide range of finishes and accessories. Each roof is made up of individual pressed panels installed using a unique fixing system that effectively locks them together to form a single structural unit. The result is a roof that lasts a very long time, and can endure some of the most extreme climates and environments on the planet.

Survives the harshest threats

The innovative design of the panels, high strength-to-weight ratio make a Gerard roof safe and secure against almost anything nature serves up. The securely interlocked panels eliminate gaps where flying embers may enter, making the system one the most fire-safe available – even approved for use in Australia’s highest bushfire zones (BAL–FZ).

Gerard’s unique fixing method has also been proven, by James Cook University, to withstand wind speeds of more than 350 km/h (stronger than a category 3 tropical cyclone). And being steel, Gerard roofs enjoy the highest possible rating for impact resistance. So, while giant hail stones destroyed many slate, clay and concrete tile roofs in the devastating Sydney 1999 hailstorm, Gerard roofs survived. In adverse conditions of all sorts, Gerard roofs have excelled where others have not.

Iron-clad warranty

A roof is more exposed to the elements than any other part of the home. With this in mind, Gerard stands by its roofs with a complete product warranty that provides both clarity and peace of mind. In standard environments, Gerard roofs are guaranteed to remain weatherproof for decades, protecting the home for many years to come.