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DecoClad® Shadowline cladding in DecoWood® Curly Birch finish wraps the state-of-the-art Hunter Sports High School.

The DecoBatten® product lines walls to create a stunning entryway and foyer.

DecoPanel® flat sheet cladding brings warmth and sophistication to North Sydney’s bustling streets on a billon-dollar development on Denison Street.

Clever cladding systems

Reimagine cladded facades with these innovative aluminium cladding products from DECO Australia

With a spotlight on durability, aesthetics and compliance in cladding products, architectural building systems supplier DECO Australia offers three complete cladding systems that meet the needs of specifiers, builders and the wider construction industry.

The aluminium DecoClad®, DecoBatten® and DecoPanel® products are suitable for a range of applications, realizing creative designs with enduring aesthetic appeal. Each system is lightweight and easily installed, and has a range of accessories. Dimensionally stable profiles and hardwearing finishes provide longevity and ease of maintenance.

Solid aluminium is the future of cladding, bringing classic design to applications where traditional materials – such as timber and composite panels – can’t be used. Completely non-combustible, aluminium will not ignite or spread flame, and can be used on high-rise buildings and in bushland areas where fire safety is paramount. DECO’s aluminium cladding options are recyclable, will not warp or rot, and do not require regular refinishing, retaining their appearance for years to come.

DecoClad® reinvents the traditional weatherboard. It features a patented interlocking aluminium board with concealed fixings, for quick and easy installation. DecoClad® is available in six different profiles: two weatherboards, a smaller Croatia board, two with recessed “shadows” for seamless transitions, and a V-groove board.

DecoBatten® captures the rising trend of batten facades. The two-piece QuickClick installation system and lightweight profiles allow the battens to be installed seamlessly across walls, ceilings, windows and doors. With the unique SpaceBase backing plate, DecoBatten® becomes a complete cladding system, spacing battens evenly across unfinished substrates or surfaces.

DecoPanel® replicates the contemporary aluminium composite panel style – minus a combustible core. Lightweight, easily face-fixed and available in different sizes, DecoPanel® can cover large spaces such as high-rise facades. The 2 mm aluminium panels can handle curved surfaces, and can be customized in a myriad of ways, including bending, laser cutting and perforation.

With a range of finishes available, DECO cladding systems offer ultimate design flexibility. Choose from DECO’s renowned finishes: DecoWood® sublimated, timber-look powdercoated finish; DecoVogue concrete-look and rust-look finishes; DecoUltra metallic anodized finishes; and DecoCoat solid colours.

Bring cladding design to life with DECO’s aluminium systems – the clever way to clad your next project.