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The TrueFlush system gives the appearance of being part of the plaster wall and removes the need for unsightly sub-boards.

InvisaBoard comes install-ready with a pre-primed door.

InvisaBoard sub-boards deliver a premium, high-end finish to every build

These boards must be seen to be believed – or, in this case, “not seen” to be believed. InvisaBoard by Built Boards is Australia’s first true-flush sub-board designed to be recessed into plaster walls, hidden from sight, for a high-end finish.

Currently available in two options – 13-pole with one DIN rail and 26-pole with two DIN rails – with more sizes to come, this innovative TrueFlush system delivers a 100% flush plaster finish.

Built Boards’ quality of build doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Each InvisaBoard is crafted from powdercoated 1 mm steel sheeting, rather than the plastic found in most off-the-shelf sub-boards.

Each board comes install-ready, supplied with a pre-primed and ready-to-paint door, pole filler strips, snap bushings, and circuit indication sticker kit. An optional surface fit door kit has also been developed for situations where the TrueFlush component has not been plastered in, with the door designed to sit flush on the plaster surface.