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Three cool textures – Classic, Dynamic and Elegance – add a contemporary edge to Artique masonry.

Artique designer masonry

Austral Masonry’s new designer masonry range, Artique, adds a contemporary edge to a more traditional style of masonry.

Artique offers a wide selection of colours and textures that enable a broad range of aesthetic finishes with the one product. The range includes three vibrant textures – Classic, a smooth and clean finish; Dynamic, a textured finish; and Elegance, an exposed aggregate that creates a natural stone finish. A palette of eight colours – Pearl, Porcelain, Nickel, Steel, Pewter, Shale, Pebble and Russet – enhances the effect of the textures.

The Classic and Dynamic series come in 390 mm × 190 mm × 90 mm and 390 mm × 190 mm × 190 mm formats, while the Elegance series is available in 390 mm × 190 mm × 90 mm format.