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An anti-dazzle cap with a mirror-finished exterior shield Erco’s Compact HIT.

Compact HIT by Erco

The new Compact HIT range of downlights is fitted with wide-flood Spherolit reflectors. This range offers an alternative to the Darklight technology that characterizes the established Erco downlight ranges.

These luminaires are designed exclusively for energy-efficient metal halide lamps from 20 watts to 70 watts. To ensure good glare control, the lamp is shielded using an anti-dazzle cap with a mirror-finished exterior. The brilliant reflection of the Spherolit reflector and the non-reflecting protective cover glass gives this downlight an attractive appearance in the ceiling.

This clever construction means the Compact HITHITHIT provides a unique combination of light efficiency, shallow-recessing dimensions, visual comfort and cost-effectiveness.