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DORMA pool fence and balustrade fittings taper and require just one glass penetration.

DORMA’s Mirage balustrade fittings

With summer months approaching and the popularity of outdoor living, DORMA’s Mirage range of pool fence and balustrade fittings is a stylish way to secure balustrades and fences in outdoor areas.

The comprehensive range was developed through an extensive program of product research, designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Australasian market. Made from 316-grade stainless steel where possible, the fittings are suited to a broad range of applications.

The new M1 and M2 series of pool fence spigots include comprehensive solutions for both chemset and surface-mounted installation. Featuring a tapered design, each fitting requires only one glass penetration, while still accommodating panel widths of up to 4,000 mm. The result is more cost-effective glass preparation, easier installation and adjustment, and an attractive and unobtrusive final solution.