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Fujitsu plasma filter airconditioner

Designed for greater energy efficiency and improved performance, the quiet ASTB30LDC model extends Fujitsu General’s plasma filter range.

Addressing the rising demand for environmentally responsible products, the ASTB30LDC features inverter technology that allows it to automatically adjust the output of the compressor to efficiently handle changes in temperature. Being an inverter, it is quieter and cheaper to run than conventional types. The plasma filter cleans the air quickly and efficiently, removing small dust particles and odours. This is further assisted by the sterilization effect of polyphenol ceraglaze.

The airconditioner was designed with an advanced power diffuser, which pushes the conditioned air deep into the room so that cool air is not blown directly at occupants. To ensure easy maintenance, the front cover on the ASTB30LDC model can be removed, and the plasma filter is washable. It is equipped with an inner drying function to inhibit the growth of bacteria.