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Smooth-running Hawkesbury Plus E2 and E3 screens are specially designed for multifold doors.

Hawkesbury Plus integrated screening

The Hawkesbury Plus multifold door E2 and E3 ranges feature all the proven benefits of Alspec’s Hawkesbury Range. Hawkesbury Plus is an integrated insect screening solution for aluminium multifold doors.

The issue of insect screening has long been a limitation in door specification. The desire for uninterrupted views and unrestricted movement in the summer months often had to be balanced with the need to eliminate insects. Stylish and smooth-running, Alspec’s Hawkesbury Plus screening solutions make such compromises a thing of the past.

Hawkesbury Plus doors are ready for use as soon as temperatures permit open doors; for the rest of the year, they can be rolled back out of view. With the screen components integrated into the architecture of the door suite, the whole Hawkesbury Plus unit functions simply and reliably, maximizing use of multifold doors, whatever the season.