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Version 6.0 of Hyne Design software includes the latest specifications for engineered products.

Hyne Truebeams enhancements

Hyne is calling on architects, building designers and builders to refresh their Hyne Design software to version 6.0, coinciding with enhancements to its engineered timber products, marketed as Hyne Truebeams.

There are three changes to the Hyne Truebeams value package, from which customers specify popular engineered products. First is the launch of Hyne Primed, a new finger-jointed and laminated range of Truebeams that are dressed, sanded, H3 treated and primed for outdoor above-ground applications. Second, Hyne LVL (laminated veneer lumber) will replace Hyne LGL in all markets other than tropical Queensland. Third, new Hyne I-Beam specifications are in effect, with flange size dimensions changing to 90 mm × 35 mm in four sizes only.