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Versatile Safe-T-Perf® by Locker Group acts as a safe, non-slip flooring surface.

Versatile Safe-T-Perf® by Locker Group acts as an external shading solution.

Locker Group Safe-T-Perf flooring

The 360-degree design of Locker Group Safe-T-Perf® ensures it offers a highly effective non-slip surface, even if foot traffic continually changes direction. This surface is part of the core product – not an additional layer that may strip off – and drain holes prevent liquid from pooling.

Not only a striking flooring product, Safe-T-Perf can also be used externally as sunshades, to reduce glare and improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Manufactured in stainless steel, aluminium or mild steel, it is available in three different hole sizes and can be custom manufactured to suit individual applications.