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Thermoplastic panels are ideal for backlit walls, floors, ceilings and glazing.

New Age Polymers thermoplastic panels

New Age Polymers imports and distributes a range of structural thermoplastic panels manufactured by Design-Composite GmbH in Austria.

The panels are a composite of a unique polycarbonate core with face sheets in clear or coloured polycarbonate or acrylic in high gloss or satin surface finishes. Standard panel sizes are 3 m × 1 m in 12 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm thicknesses, with custom panels made to order up to 7.8 m × 2 m and up to 150 mm thick.

Typical internal applications range from backlit walls, floors, ceilings, doors and glazing, while externally the panels can be used for awnings, facades and signage. Technically they combine light weight with extreme rigidity, as well as optical, thermal and acoustic properties. Most panels are UV stable.

The panels can be cut and edged with a variety of materials, and some can be bent to clad columns.