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The pivot point of Pierlite’s Dot70 beam modulator is off-centre to prevent light being interrupted.

Pierlite’s Dot70 beam modulator

Suitable for a uniform light level or more dramatic narrow-beam effects, Pierlite’s energy-efficient Dot70 beam modulator adjusts on both vertical and horizontal planes to deliver excellent light control.

The body of the Dot70 can rotate 358 degrees and tilt up to 35 degrees. The pivot point of the tilt is off-centre to prevent light being interrupted by the downlight’s bezel when the body is fully tilted. Easy adjustment of the patented modulating mechanism varies the reflected beam of light from narrow beam (11 degrees) to wide (71 degrees) beam.

Robust, reliable and unobtrusive, the Dot70 coordinates seamlessly with contemporary interiors and is easy to install. In addition, it offers impressive colour rendition.