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The Presto 2010 timed-flow wall-mounted tap achieves a six-star WELS rating.

Presto 2010 tapware

Modern washroom design combines with automatic water shut-off in the Presto 2010 from Thornthwaite. Designed for the contemporary bathroom where water efficiency is a must, the Presto 2010 timed-flow tap offers enhanced water savings and improved hygiene. It is ideal for commercial office projects, bars, hotels and universities.

Featuring automatic water-flow shut off after around seven seconds, the Presto includes optional security features that further reduce excess water use. In large or high-traffic washrooms, these features ensure that, while there is no compromise on user comfort, water savings can be attained with minimal maintenance.

The wall-mounted Presto 2010 adds a stylish finish to modern washroom designs. The Presto 2010 is approved to Australian standards and achieves a six-star WELS rating (five litres per minute).