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Master Lifts offers a range of dumb waiters suitable for domestic applications, including the new Precision 240.

Residential dumb waiters

Most residential dumb waiters operate on three-phase power, which adds cost and complications to installation, whether during construction or as a retrofit project.

Master Lifts now supplies Precision 240, a domestic dumb waiter that runs off normal domestic 240-volt systems. This new service lift is available with its own shaft, or it can be installed in most existing shafts.

Sized from 350 mm × 350 mm × 500 mm, the Precision 240 is available in a range of sizes, with carrying capacities from 50 kg to 100 kg. It can be installed in domestic applications with ceilings as low as 2,100 mm. The range offers optional automatic doors and a choice of stainless steel finish or baked enamel, which can be painted to suit any decor.