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Austral Bricks’ lightweight Terraçade TN system acts as a rain screen and ventilated facade.

Terraçade TN creates a cavity outside the load-bearing wall for natural ventilation.

Terraçade TN facade system

Terraçade TN combines the natural and durable properties of terracotta with an impressive palette of colours to provide architects and builders with flexibility, individuality and functionality.

Designed in consultation with some of Australia’s leading engineers, Terraçade TN by Austral Bricks is designed as a lightweight system that will act as both a rain screen and ventilated system. Lightweight Terraçade TN is simple and easy to install.

By minimizing thermal transfer, Terraçade TN ensures superior comfort and energy savings. The rear-ventilated design creates an air cavity outside the load-bearing wall, allowing natural ventilation via a chimney effect.