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Tone on Tone textiles

In minimalist environments, a tone-on-tone colour palette can add tint or texture where needed. The new Tone on Tone palette from Afficionados of the Nod includes both warm and cool combinations.

White on White is the cool combination, suited to interiors using cool whites with a blue or cool dominant tone. Beige on Beige is the warm combination, ideal for interiors with warm tones such as warm whites and chocolates. As the Afficionados pattern is rendered subtly against the white or beige background, the resulting effect is textural.

For a more dramatic look, Red on Red and Pewter on Pewter create a lush tone-on-tone impact. This range is ideal for those who are looking to add pattern and texture without necessarily adding additional colour to their surroundings.

“It’s for those with a developed eye for pattern who are looking to add pattern without adding additional colours,” says design director Tip Gloria.