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Anodized Look panels are available in a range of sizes and colours for cladding applications.

Anodized Look aluminium composite panels

Alucobond Architectural has launched an inventive series of colour surfaces that combines the distinctive look of colour anodizing with the excellent formability of Alucobond aluminium composite material.

Anodized Look comes in four realistic colours that display the satin-smooth metal appearance sought by architects, builders and designers across Australia. Designed to comply with EURAS (the European Academy for Standardization) industrial standards, Anodized Look is an ideal replacement for anodized aluminium sheets for facades, wall cladding, roof-perimeter detailing, curved features, column casings and other interior and exterior architectural applications.

Anodized Look also provides extraordinary colour consistency without the colour variations and imperfections often associated with anodized materials. Anodized Look is available in a range of sizes and colours from Alucobond Architectural.