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The warranty on Dickson fabrics is now ten years for colour-fastness and rot-proof properties.

Dickson solution-dyed acrylic fabrics – 10-year warranty

Dickson is offering a ten-year warranty on the colour-fastness and rot-proof properties of its outdoor fabrics from 2009, covering the Orchestra, Orchestra Max and Rhythm & Harmony fabric ranges.

The technical improvements made by the R&D department at Dickson to the pigmentation of the fibre, the resistance of the thread and finishes to the fabric make it possible to extend the warranty from five years to ten years.

Dickson fabrics possess unrivalled qualities compared to other fibres (cotton, polyester, polypropylene) due to manufacturing using solution-dyed acrylic fibres that ensure outstanding colour-fastness. The fabrics also have excellent protection against UV rays, are water-repellent and rot-proof.