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Hyne Beam 17C at St Teresa’s Catholic College

When it comes to the construction of large, open arenas like sports stadiums and school halls, they need to be structurally strong, but not at the expense of good looks. When St Teresa’s Catholic College added a new assembly hall to their campus at Noosa, Queensland, the architect specified Select Grade Hyne Beam 17C instead of steel.

Dennis Anderson from the Anderson Building Group explains the benefits of the Hyne Beam 17C: “It’s certainly a softer-looking product than structural steel and both the architect and the client absolutely love the appearance,” he says. “As the strongest softwood glue-laminated beam available, it’s an innovative alternative to steel that is less damaging to the environment.”

Hyne Beam 17C Beam has third party ISO 9001-2000 and GLTAA accreditation. It comes in a variety of sizes and can even be made to order within a range of measurements.